Auto Stocking


The Perfect Solution to Inventory Control


• Have you ever run out of toner?

• Did you over buy toner to make sure it never happened again?

• How many times a month do you think about your inventory?

• Wouldn’t it be great if you had an assistant to handle all these problems?


Now You Do!

Vanzebo Laser's Auto stocking program is designed to constantly maintain your inventory levels for all your printing and consumable needs.










Here's how it works:

• One of our trained technicians will come to your office and prepare an inventory of all of your business machines you wish to be covered under the Auto stock program.

• The next step would be to meet with a representative of your company to discuss what your optimum inventory levels should be to provide for your supply needs.

• We then prepare a printed inventory list, which is placed in the supply room for reference. (It is also common to use a storage cabinet or another location of your choice.)

• Your company's individual needs will be assessed during the first month of the auto stocking cycle. We will visit weekly at first then adjust our visits to coincide with your supply needs.


Features & Benefits

• No setup fee, no maintenance fee, no additional fees

• You will never find yourself out of stock on any of the products listed on your Auto Stock program.

• No less than once a month you will have a fully trained technician visiting your company who at no additional charge can perform, cleanings, preventative maintenance, and answer questions you may have regarding printers/fax machines.

• No questions asked problem policy. If any of the products we sell do not meet your expectations simply mark the box of the item and we will replace it at no charge during our next Auto Stock.